Andrés Pajón

4 Things to Know of Andrés Pajón

1. Andrés Pajón is a Colombian fashion brand established in 2008 by Pajón & Cartagena, two highly creative designers and fashion enthusiasts who, from a young age, have showed an interest to delve deeper into the different scopes and dynamics of fashion design.

2. Every new collection is the result of a creative approach supported on a passion for the feminine essence and the ability to lead the local scene as a result of the meticulous work carried out along with the work team.


3. This collection was envisioned as a tribute to Medellín; as such, it depicts powerful references to the colors of the sunsets, the exuberance of the flowers that grow in these lands, and the majesty of the mountains that surround one of the most emblematic regions of Colombia.

4. The shop operates in a 450 m2 locale like no other in Colombia. Its conception followed the sophistication premises by which our brand is recognized; its design was based on a mobility rationality that facilitates ephemeral exhibitions. Additionally, the store has a main shop window, an interior garden.

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Calle 8 No 37A-31. Via Primavera. Medellín. Colombia.

+57 4 3521051 / +57 4 2664633